Citizen’s Eco-Drive Watches Never Need Batteries or Winding

A Citizen Eco-drive watch eliminates the need for a battery replacement because it uses light as its power source. The watch never stops running even in the dark. Although these watches are stylish, they are also functional and eco-friendly.

As a recognized world leader in timekeeping technology, Citizen claims these firsts.

–   Atomic timekeeping technology
–   Professional dive watches with electronic depth sensors
–   Thinnest LCD watches
–   Voice recognition technology

An Eco-drive watch harnesses the power of natural sunlight or artificial indoor light to recharge the permanent lithium-ion cell. The light source continuously recharges the cell, and it offers watch wearers trouble-free maintenance.

Citizen has taken its light-powered technology a step further with atomic timekeeping. Eco-drive A-T watches are the most accurate in the world. They receive automatic and on-demand radio signals from China, Europe, Japan, North America, and the United Kingdom. The A-T watch collection includes Chronograph, Perpetual, and Skyhawk.

Whether you are looking for a watch for a man or a woman, you will find one that is fitting for any occasion.


It is the latest addition to the line of Eco-drive watches with Bluetooth 4.0, and they have these key features.

–   Calendar event notification
–   Call and email alert
–   iPhone search
–   Perpetual calendar chronograph
–   Power reserve
–   Second time zone
–   Ten-meter distance synchronization
–   Time and date synchronization
–   Water resistance to 100 meters


Professional divers will appreciate the one-way rotating elapsed-time bezels. Several models are ISO certified and water resistant to a minimum depth of 200 meters.


Diamond set bezels add an air of sophistication and the same Eco-drive technology. Although they are affordable and elegant, you can wear these stunning watches for a night on the town or at the office.

Calibre Series

The Calibre collection is where old world and light-powered technology meet. In addition to the classic and bold styling, Citizen’s Calibre watches are examples of fine watch making and design.


Whether it is a bangle watchband or a watch face with Swarovski crystals, there is a Silhouette Eco-drive watch design for every taste.


These ultra thin watches represent the best in style and technology. It is the thinnest light-powered watch on the market, and its wafer-thin case represents form and function at its best.


We are an authorized Citizen dealer. Come in today and find out why it is time to own an Eco-drive watch.

Author: Kim Yvette Stanley

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