Citizen’s Eco-Drive Watches Never Need Batteries or Winding

A Citizen Eco-drive watch eliminates the need for a battery replacement because it uses light as its power source. The watch never stops running even in the dark. Although these watches are stylish, they are also functional and eco-friendly.

As a recognized world leader in timekeeping technology, Citizen claims these firsts.

–   Atomic timekeeping technology
–   Professional dive watches with electronic depth sensors
–   Thinnest LCD watches
–   Voice recognition technology

An Eco-drive watch harnesses the power of natural sunlight or artificial indoor light to recharge the permanent lithium-ion cell. The light source continuously recharges the cell, and it offers watch wearers trouble-free maintenance.

Citizen has taken its light-powered technology a step further with atomic timekeeping. Eco-drive A-T watches are the most accurate in the world. They receive automatic and on-demand radio signals from China, Europe, Japan, North America, and the United Kingdom. The A-T watch collection includes Chronograph, Perpetual, and Skyhawk.

Whether you are looking for a watch for a man or a woman, you will find one that is fitting for any occasion.


It is the latest addition to the line of Eco-drive watches with Bluetooth 4.0, and they have these key features.

–   Calendar event notification
–   Call and email alert
–   iPhone search
–   Perpetual calendar chronograph
–   Power reserve
–   Second time zone
–   Ten-meter distance synchronization
–   Time and date synchronization
–   Water resistance to 100 meters


Professional divers will appreciate the one-way rotating elapsed-time bezels. Several models are ISO certified and water resistant to a minimum depth of 200 meters.


Diamond set bezels add an air of sophistication and the same Eco-drive technology. Although they are affordable and elegant, you can wear these stunning watches for a night on the town or at the office.

Calibre Series

The Calibre collection is where old world and light-powered technology meet. In addition to the classic and bold styling, Citizen’s Calibre watches are examples of fine watch making and design.


Whether it is a bangle watchband or a watch face with Swarovski crystals, there is a Silhouette Eco-drive watch design for every taste.


These ultra thin watches represent the best in style and technology. It is the thinnest light-powered watch on the market, and its wafer-thin case represents form and function at its best.


We are an authorized Citizen dealer. Come in today and find out why it is time to own an Eco-drive watch.

Author: Kim Yvette Stanley

Watch Repair at All In Time: An Interview with Paul Piehl

Owners Paul Piehl and Roman Fridman opened All In Time Inc. in November 2010 in the Fox Chase area of Philadelphia. Between the two of them, they have more than 30 years of watch repair experience. Recently, I interviewed Paul about their business.

What makes your watch repair service different from the competition?

Paul stated, “We perform all watch repairs in-house, and as part of our business, we also contract our repair services to those in the trade as well as customers who bring or mail in their broken watches. We charge fair prices for repairs.” He also believes that communication is important, “We do not mind answering questions about watches or any of our services.”

What is the number one thing people should never do with their watches?

After a brief pause, Paul said, “Exposing them [watches] to water when washing dishes or taking showers. Watch mechanisms are delicate and rust quickly, and there are differences between water-resistant and waterproof. For example, diver watches are waterproof with sealed cases and guaranteed to keep water out to a certain depth.” He added, “To be on the safe side, take off a watch before showering or washing dishes.”

We offer complete services for many brands and here are a few.

–   Armani
–   Breitling
–   Citizen
–   Diesel
–   Ebel
–   Jules Jergensen
–   Michael Kors
–   Movado
–   Omega
–   Rolex
–   Wittnauer

For the list of other watch brands, check out the home page on our site.

In addition to basic watch repairs or battery replacements, we also complete these services-   Calibrate and regulate watch movements

–   Dial refinishing
–   Pressure and time tests
–   Quartz conversions
–   Replace and refinish crystals
–   Replace bracelets, crowns, stems, or straps
–   Warranty processing


If you have questions about our watch repair services, stop by or give us a call.


Interviewer/Author: Kim Yvette Stanley

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